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Fruitortal Inc. has patented an inflatable fruit basket with a fruit failure detection system, offering a lightweight, durable solution for efficient fruit packaging and transportation, revolutionizing the industry.

Fruitortal Inc. has innovatively designed an inflatable fruit basket with a sophisticated fruit failure detection system, addressing crucial concerns in the packaging, storage, and transportation of fruits. This patented technology comprises a portable and lightweight plastic basket equipped with a pressure-controlling system, a dehumidifier layer, and an adjustable two-layer structure. The basket’s unique feature allows for efficient arrangement and safe transportation of fruits, while the fruit failure detection system utilizes air pressure and an outlet nozzle to maintain optimal fruit health. This inventive solution not only enhances the durability of packaging baskets but also mitigates the risks associated with traditional plastic containers. With applications ranging from malls and shopping centers to domestic use, Fruitortal Inc.’s patented inflatable fruit basket represents a significant advancement in the field of fruit packaging and storage technology.


Fruitortal Inc., registered on October 4, 2022, introduces innovative fruit packaging solutions, including an inflatable basket, under the Canada Business Corporations Act.

Fruitortal Inc., a dynamic startup, has completed its company registration under the Canada Business Corporations Act. Established on October 4, 2022, the corporation is authorized to issue an unlimited number of common shares. With a visionary leadership team, including director Hantz Prosper, and certified under the CBCA, Fruitortal Inc. introduces innovative technologies, such as an inflatable fruit basket with a fruit failure detection system, poised to transform the landscape of fruit packaging and storage.