“Innovative Fruitortal packaging with adjustable inflation, enhanced quality control, and advanced spoilage prevention, utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Revolutionize fruit packaging

Our innovative solution addresses the following challenges:

Space efficiency

Conventional fruit baskets occupy excessive space during warehousing and transportation.

Fruit protection

Fruitortal prevents fruit damage and spoilage, increasing their shelf life.

How does Fruitortal maximize fruit retention?

Fruitortal maximizes fruit retention primarily through its innovative packaging design. The adjustable inflatable layers provide customizable cushioning to reduce physical damage during transportation. Additionally, the advanced nanocoating technology extends the shelf life of the fruits by controlling antibacterial and preventing spoilage. These features together ensure that fruits remain fresh and intact for longer periods, significantly reducing waste and enhancing overall quality.

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Preventing fruit spoilage with Fruitortal

Advanced Quality Control and Shelf Life Extension

• Utilizes nanocoating technology to control quality effectively and extend fruit shelf life.
• Offers superior prevention against spoilage due to optimal humidity management.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Packaging

• Features biodegradable, plant-based materials, enhancing environmental sustainability.
• Designed for efficiency in production and use, supporting waste reduction and streamlined processes.

Space - Saving design

• Optimizing storage space and reducing logistical complexities.
• Enhance operational efficiency by utilizing storage areas more effectively.

Maximize freshness, minimize waste!

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Freshness from orchard to table

Advanced Nanocoating Layer

Customizable Inflatable Design

Enhanced Fruit Preservation Technology

Use Biodegradable Material

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